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Guinea Pig Welfare made an interesting comment on their Facebook page this week:

It doesn’t make any difference which shampoo/skincare products you use, shampoo isn’t in touch with guinea’s skin for long enough to make a difference & all products /ingredients have been safety tested – probably using guineas anyway!

You may well notice that some of the human skincare products have very long lists of ingredients…here at Gorgeous Guineas I’ve always taken the approach that “less is more”, and use the minimum number of ingredients in every product in order to get the job done.  Our base shampoo (for example) contains just 5 ingredients and the maximum number of other active ingredients that are added to various shampoos is 4.  A couple of years back we had a competition to see who could find the Human shampoo with the most ingredients listed on the label, and the answer was around 42!  All our products are lovingly made by hand in small batches to ensure freshness.

Great products always begin with good quality ingredients.  Just because our products are designed for guinea pigs doesn’t mean that we will make them from the cheapest ingredients – they simply don’t make the best product from a therapeutic point of view.  If you use good quality Essential Oils and Vegetable / Herbal Oils, only small amounts are required to be effective.

We buy all our ingredients from reputable suppliers who don’t test ingredients or products on animals, and all our products have been tested on Humans before being used on guineas:)  The only “testing” that we do on guineas is to see if (for example) the Lice ‘n’ Easy Shampoo actually washes lice away,or if the Posh ‘n’ Go Shampoo leaves long haired guineas with lovely soft, easy to groom hair.  We never carry out the sort of product testing that the Pharma companies do – ie putting products into animal’s eyes, shaving them and trying to irritate their skin etc.  It really isn’t necessary in this day and age where there is already a long list of ingredients that can be safely used in Human products.

A recent interview that I did for Animal Massage Guide contains pictures of some of our successes.  These show how effective our products have been and prove that the Facebook comment shown above is false!  Simple skincare solutions for guinea pigs is what we are all about and where my twin passions of guinea pigs and aromatherapy come together:)


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