Chiara: the one that got away, but not too far…

Thanks go to Karen (who used to run Reading Guinea Pig Rescue) for this article about Chiara.

When I ran the rescue, a guinea had to be somewhat special for me to seriously want to keep them. The warning signs are not being able to name them, or not giving them a name just because it follows a theme!  This was all true when Chiara arrived with her little friend. Chiara was named Goldie eventually, because of her colour.

Reading Guinea Pig Rescue was recommended by Thistle Cavies Rescue as the nearest “reputable rescue” to Essex and she was brought here with her little friend when her humans emigrated. Chiara caught my eye the minute she arrived – a chunky golden and white sow with large, dark eyes… I put her and her little friend in a hutch together and watched them. It was soon obvious that although they were happy to rub along together, they weren’t the best pairing ever, and when the time was right it would be wise to try them both with others. Whilst this pleased little Patchy, who soon got to mingle with her new friends, Chiara was not so keen and would noticeably sit apart from the others.

In an effort to see if it was just these sows she didn’t get along with, I tried her with my own established group that included a boar and the lovely Ursula – also a gorgeous golden guinea with a blaze but no white markings on her body. The group didn’t take any notice of Chiara’s arrival; that is all except for Ursula who immediately spotted the intruder and made it plain that she wasn’t welcome in the group! Not that it mattered, Chiara wasn’t too happy about sharing her space with Ursula either and much teeth chattering occurred. Ursula wasn’t usually so forceful with her opinions so, reluctantly, I accepted that Chiara didn’t have a place here.

Despite not being able to keep Chiara I was fortunate in that she chose to be Mr Magic’s third wife. Mr Magic and his human Chrissie live nearby and I am a frequent visitor:) She was definitely the one that got away but I will always be grateful that she chose to live with Mr Magic and friends as a Gorgeous Guinea where I could go and see her whenever I wanted to.

I saw her last wheekend for the final time and was aware that it was probably time for “goodbye”.  I was shocked at how “old” she had become over the last few wheeks, still bright eyed, still eating, still Chiara, but just different. Holding her was different, she was more relaxed, didn’t ask to go back after the usual time, just laid in my arms… No tears, just time for reflection, time to spend with someone that, had things been different, would have been one of my people. I can’t say I’m glad she got away but I am most definitely happy that she got where she did. Chiara is the very bright star on Planet Guinea that stays well away from the few other bright stars that are there, no need for so much brightness in one place, Chiara is sharing her light wisely:)

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