Supporting Your Local Independent Pet Shop

Do you get your guinea pig supplies from one of the big chains of pet shops or do you support your local independent pet shop?

The big chains of petshops may only have a small, standardised range of products for guinea pigs and often don’t stock a wide range of hay and pellets. As a small business owner, I always try and support other small business owners / local independent shops wherever possible. My piggy supplies mainly come from:

Pets & Plants in Tilehurst (just round the corner from Tilehurst Veterinary Centre)

B&J Dance in Swallowfield

Digger with his Bag Of Fun

Digger with his Bag Of Fun and Deans Farm Hay

If your local petshop doesn’t stock what you are looking for, why not ask them if they can get it for you? They will usually have access to several different distributors and should be able to oblige within a couple of days. That is what I have always done with Pets & Plants and as a result, many of my favourite products are now stocked there. Other guineas benefit too – if their humans see new / different / interesting products, they will often buy them.

When Aurora and Alaska try new products, I always provide the shop with feedback so they know how the product has been received. Having a local shop also cuts down on delivery costs if you are ordering bulky products online.

Current favourites here are:

Deans Farm Hay

Friendship Estates Green Oat ReadiGrass

Friendship Estates ReadiGrass

Science Selective Guinea Pig

Oxbow’s Essentials Adult Guinea Pig Food

Rosewood Naturals Herbs Plus



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