New! Spring Into Summer Shampoo

Thanks to Karen @ Guinea Pig Welfare for this announcement!

Put the popcorn into your guineas’ step with Gorgeous Guineas’ extremely orangey Spring Into Summer limited edition shampoo.

Spring Into Summer ShampooSpring Into Summer Shampoo has been a long time coming (not unlike some of our UK summers…).  I first suggested that a Lavender and Orange shampoo would smell somewhat heavenly and surely be a best seller?  But, according to Chrissie, there were already enough shampoos on the Gorgeous Guineas’ shelf, so this was sounding much like the battle I had to get Posh ‘n’ Go recognised! 

Chrissie is very hard to convince, but one of the perks of being a product tester for Gorgeous Guineas was that I had a surprise bottle made for my own personal use on my guineas.  Despite my squeals of delight though, it wasn’t to be! Something about the essential oils not being the best they could be…

Then came the 5 Fold Orange essential oil – not just any old Orange oil!   5 Fold Orange is more concentrated and has a richer, more intense aroma than “ordinary” Orange oil.  It is extremely orangey, very good quality and when mixed with Lavender, the aroma really is quite fresh and certainly heaven scent.  Not to mention the fact that it has the EasiRinse base with an added conditioning ingredient making it easy to lather into the coat and quicker to rinse off.

So, we offer you Spring Into Summer Shampoo to enjoy with your guineas:)  Available in 20ml, 100ml, 200ml and on special offer in 250ml size.  Grab a bottle now before they all disappear!


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