Rescue Remedy To The Rescue

Here is a lovely story from one of my “little customers” about a rescue sow who benefited from using Rescue Remedy

Imagine, a young sow, rehomed through no fault of her own, following the death of her friend. Not only is she sad at her loss, she’s scared; everything’s new and she doesn’t know where she is. She’s so nervous that she’ll only eat by rushing out of her house, grabbing food and rushing back in.

It was decided to try Rescue Remedy, as she was so distressed. One drop was rubbed into the back of each ear. After about 4 hours, it was teatime, and what a difference. The scared, timid sow, was sat in the open in front of me. It nearly broke my heart to watch her. She’s suddenly gained confidence and will now sit next to her neighbours. She will continue on the dose, twice daily, for 7-10 days and hopefully, by then, she’ll be happy once more! It really is worth giving it a try.

A truly amazing turnaround in just a few hours:) We wish her well over the next couple of weeks, after which time she will be meeting her new friends.



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