Rescue Me!

Bach Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 of the 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies. It can be used for humans and animals during times of stress, when there is an accident, and for shock or emotional upheaval.

 For guineas, it is perfect to use:
    • before a trip to the Vet or any situation your guinea may find stressful
    • before / after surgery
    • when a new guinea joins the family and is being introduced to other guineas
    • after the loss of a guinea (for both animals and humans)

Rescue Remedy is available from chemists, health food shops, some supermarkets and online.Do make sure that you get the Pet Rescue Remedy as it is alcohol-free.

The 5 Flower Remedies that make up Rescue Remedy are:
1) Star of Bethlehem for shock / trauma
2) Rock Rose for terror and panic
3) Cherry Plum for fear of loosing control
4) Impatiens for irritability and tension
5) Clematis to help faintness and bemusement

When guineas are introduced to each other for the first time, there may be tension between them, often because of fear – fear of the new guinea, fear of the new human, fear of a new environment, fear of a new situation, fear of the unknown.

Rescue Remedy can literally “rescue” them from the unfamiliar situation in which they find themselves, and enable them to start acting normally and enjoying life again.

It can be given in different ways:

  • one drop rubbed into the back of each ear
  • 4 drops in the water bottle, changed daily
  • 4 drops by mouth on a treat (dandelion leave, piece of lettuce or similar
  • DO NOT give it by mouth using the glass dropper that comes with the bottle.
Rescue Remedy has no side effects and can be safely used with conventional drugs prescribed by your Vet. Give for 7-10 days for new / unsettled guineas, or as a one-off dose around 30 minutes before a Vet trip, nail trim, shampoo or anything your guinea may find stressful.

Information contained in this article is no substitute for proper Veterinary diagnosis /care and is for guidance only.




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