Gorgeous Hay From Deans Farm

Deans Farm HayBy this time of year, our local farm has always run out of the lovely hay that they grow, and the quality of hay they buy in may, or may not be as good.  So, having a “Plan B” is in order. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to find some really gorgeous  meadow hay in our local, independent pet shop and the guineas have been busy taking it for a test drive.

The hay is from Deans Farm near Royston, in Hertfordshire.  It is a mixed meadow hay with very long strands, is a gorgeous green colour with a lovely sweet, fresh aroma.  Great for sleeping on, eating or playing in as it is very soft.  Available in 2kg or 4.5kg bags  – I paid £6.99 for the large bag which is great value given the excellent quality of the hay.

Digger with his Bag Of FunChief hay taste tester Digger got very excited when he had his first encounter with the hay and made the rather large pile disappear very quickly!  On another day, he chose Deans Farm Hay over Oxbow Timothy Hay (his all time favourite), so it must be good.

Our friends over at The Hay Experts had their (rabbit) taste testers hard at work too, and because it went down so well, they have started stocking it:)

Why not get some for your own guineas and let us know what they think?

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