Golden Oldies: feeling a bit creaky?

Guineas, like humans, can start getting a bit stiff and creaky when they are growing old, so what can you do to help them? Obviously the first port of call is your Vet for advice, a diagnosis, and possibly anti-inflammatory / pain relief in the form of Metacam or Rimadyl.

The best natural product we’ve found is Potters Joint Pain Relief Tablets (formerly Potters Tabritis) which are widely available in health food stores and via the internet.  A guinea pig dose is half a tablet once a day.  The tablet can either be crushed, added to a small amount of water and given by syringe, or offered to the guinea on the tips of your finger – they will usually take it and eat it:) Tabritis tablets can help to relieve joint pain and stiffness with their combination of herbal ingredients:

  • Poplar Bark is an anti-rheumatic and reduces pain
  • Yarrow is anti-inflammatory in action
  • Prickly Ash Bark stimulates the circulation
  • Burdock Root, Clivers and Uva Ursi act as diuretics

Here is what our customers Margaret and Graham from Hero Cavies have to say:

“Hi Chrissie, just to say a big thank you for your recommendation of Potters Tabritis Tablets for the arthritis.  All four of our old ladies are on them – ages ranging from 5 to 7 years old.  They are still eating for England of course, but their paws are not so twisted, and they are walking more easily. We are sure that they are more comfortable.”

My own lovely Florence enjoyed her daily dose of  Tabritis during her last 18 months.  If I forgot to offer her a tablet in the morning, she would stand and stare at me until I figured out what she wanted:)  Flo had a long and happy life and was active until her last few days.  She died a month short of her 9th birthday.



This article is for information only and is no substitute for proper Veterinary diagnosis and treatment.


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