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Gorgeous Guineas was started in 2003 by Chrissie Slade who has qualifications in both human and animal Aromatherapy.

When Karen at Reading Guinea Pig Rescue took in 17 guineas with bad Fungal skin problems, Chrissie decided to try and help them with some nice gentle Aromatherapy products, rather than using the traditional harsh dips and shampoos stuffed full of chemicals.  

All the guineas concerned made full recoveries from their skin problems, and the rest, as they say, is now history.

Over the past 6 years our range has expanded greatly after starting with just 3 products. Many of the requests we've had for new products have come from our customers or from the guinea pig rescues that we work with.  

Our mission in life is to educate humans about the importance of guinea pig skincare and pampurring, and to help every guinea to become gorgeous with nice clean skin and the healthy shiny hair that they deserve.  

We're proud of our products which are the world's first and only range of Aromatherapy products designed especially for guineas.  Over the past 6 years we've helped many thousands of guineas to become gorgeous again after they have suffered some of the most horrible skin problems imaginable.  

Thanks go to our dedicated band of product testers who run guinea pig rescues in the UK and the Netherlands.  Gorgeous Guineas products would not exist without their help and feedback, as well as suggestions from our customers.

Even as a child, Chrissie had a love of Golden Agouti guineas....so nothing's changed there!


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